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Welcome to Humana Lens

Humana Lens is a blog for travel guides and tips through cultural heritage sites, national monuments, big cities, and small towns. You may also find book notes and soon there will be more!


Why this name? It represents an attempt to see all things cultural through a human eye, as precious human creations rather than a tick on a bucket list, a viral place to visit, or a perfect Instagrammable spot.

Image by Nicholas Beel

Way of Traveling

Or to dedicate all things the time they deserve.

If visiting a place should take two hours we try to do that in one, just as we rush to read a 400-page book in two days to complete a challenge.


In a world where we always strive to be more conscious regarding how we consume, eat, recycle, and live, we often don't give much attention to how we travel and learn new things - and how fast all this has sadly become or how much this mindset can affect people and places


A conscious approach to travel and culture reminds us that learning and truly experiencing something new always takes some time but can be so very rewarding.


This blog's goal is to cover both hyper-tourist spots - often seen too quickly - and lesser-known destinations, sometimes neglected but with so much to tell. And there will be room for all kinds of good books that one after the other can hopefully make us more culturally aware.


About Me

There is not much about me that is needed to say here - I am from Europe and in my early 30s, English is not my native language but I try my best, and I have an absolute passion for medieval and global history and for international relations

As an aspiring journalist, I wish writing to come easy to me someday. The idea for this blog popped up while I was practicing the art, and the prospect of combining together my personal goals and my dream to inspire other people to see every piece of this world as a beautiful shrine for endless knowledge felt too good not to give it a try - hope you'll enjoy the content!

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